Diets vs Nutrition Plans

Diets vs Nutrition Plans

What is the difference between a diet and a nutrition plan?

A nutrition plan is a well-designed meal plan that has taken into account a number of factors that can play a vital role in achieving results. These include:

  • hormone imbalances
  • past and current meal plans
  • current exercise programs

and most importantly

  • the overall goal of the client

The main priority of a nutrition plan is almost always based around improving the client’s health with body composition being a very common by-product of this plan.

On the other hand, you’ve got this very well marketed product called a ‘Diet’. I HATE the word ‘Diet’ because it normally refers to a quick fix plan that promises drastic weight loss results in such a short amount of time. Unfortunately, everyone has that one friend or family member who has just gone on the latest diet that promises to help them lose 10kg in two weeks.

It normally involves eating one or two small meals followed by an abundance of meal replacement shakes and supplements that is supposed to ‘nourish’ and curb those food cravings for good. And if you’re currently on one of these diets, good luck to you.

In all seriousness, I do wish you luck and I’m not going to bag out these diets because the end goal is to better yourself, which is great. In fact, to those people who eat one or two small meals to fuel them for a whole day, this practice can actually be beneficial because it teaches the importance of frequent consumption of food. BUT, for those who already eat three to five small meals a day and decide that they are just not losing weight quick enough, reducing food consumption is the worst possible plan to follow, and here’s why:

No food = no vitamins and nutrients

You are starving your body of important nutrients that are used for digestive health, muscle function, major organ function, muscle recovery and growth, metabolism and immunity. When your body lacks these vital vitamins and nutrients, you not only risk major health issues down the track but you also sabotage any chances of achieving body composition results.

There is a big difference between weight loss and fat loss

Most of these diets promote weight loss as being the most important goal that everyone wants to achieve. This really catches the attention of those who have not been educated on the principles of weight loss vs fat loss.

Weight loss is achieved when we burn more calories than we consume, so it is actually VERY easy to lose weight. All you need to do is not eat all day, go for a couple of walks and you’re on your way to having that dream body, right?


By focusing on weight loss you are essentially burning muscle for fuel because your body has nothing else to feed on. So the less muscle you have on your body the harder it is to burn fat – and you continue to do this until you become one big blob of mess. And while you may have achieved your goal weight, your body isn’t healthy and keeping the weight off is extremely difficult.

Your primary goal (should it be body composition) is to burn as much fat as possible and build lean muscle so that you can function and exercise at an optimal healthy level.

So how do you choose the right Nutrition Plan/ Fitness Professional for you?

It’s so important that you find an educated personal trainer, nutritionist or naturopath who can help design a nutrition plan that has been individualised for you and your body. NEVER pay for an online nutrition plan before asking questions or having a consult with the health professional because there is a very good chance you will be left with a pre-designed generic meal plan that might work for someone else, but not you.

It’s important that the health professional has you fill out a pre-screen that asks a number of questions regarding your current and past health, injuries, goals, known hormone imbalances and current exercise or nutrition programs. Without this information a nutrition plan cannot be individualised for your specific goals and health requirements. So not only will you not manage your current health concerns you can actually make them worse.

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